By on September 2, 2016

For the second year in a row, and what is likely (/hopefully) going to become an annual thing, my parents came to visit us in Waterloo for Labour Day weekend. You have, of course, been the main topic of conversation thus far, and Papa and BB took us for a shop this afternoon to purchase a few of the larger items we will be needing upon your arrival. My favourite is a crib from a company called Stokke, which can be extended and grow with you, and be used until you’re 10 (though you’ll likely be handing it down to your siblings long before then).

To say that they were generous would be an understatement, and we (you included) aIMG_1094re very lucky to have so much support around us, from both sides of the family. When our parents had your Mom and me (both first-borns like you), I don’t think they had a whole lot more in the bank than we do, but they certainly didn’t come from families who were able to support them as they’ve supported us.

The picture here is of Papa, BB and your Mom (of course, with your Mom standing in front of her, you can’t really see BB, but I assure you she’s there) at a childrens store called Tadpole. It’s an independent family-run store in Waterloo, and we really like the family, so we’ve tried to make our purchases from them as much as possible. I’m not sure who the happiest ones were when we walked out that afternoon — your Mom and me, or the owners of Tadpole — but safe to say it was a pretty great day for all of us.