Halfway There!

By on September 9, 2016
Week 20

         Week 20 – You’re now a banana!

Having reached the 20-week mark of the pregnancy this past Monday — the halfway point! — we had a visit with our midwife, Anne, yesterday to get a referral for our final ultrasound. To think that we are in the final stage of anything related to this pregnancy is a bit mindblowing, and seeing as December always flies by with the holidays and countless Morrison birthdays, you’re going to come before we know it.

As I think I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this upcoming ultrasound is the one where they can tell us whether you’re a boy or girl (i.e., a Josh or Joshette), though we’ve chosen not to find out. It doesn’t matter to us, and not knowing keeps the hounds (also known as grandparents, aunts and uncles) at bay. I can only imagine the outfits and various non-necessities that would be purchased.

“I know I said I wouldn’t get anything else, but wouldn’t little Josh, Jr. look adorable in this?”

“I walked past it, and just had to get it for our little Joshette!”

We are saving them from themselves… and, if I’m being honest, probably ourselves a little bit as well.

The visit with the midwife was brief, and largely made just to get the referral, but there was one notable event: we got to hear your heartbeat again!

While Anne might have used the exact same words as last time (“Can’t ask for a better heartbeat than that”), and we’re consequently probably not the first to hear those words, I’m just going to go ahead and believe her. I was kicking myself for being so quick to stop the recording, but where I cut it off, she also said, “Just about as perfect as you can ask for.”

You might have also heard something about movement. Your Mom is now feeling you move around a lot in there, but not yet to the point where I can feel anything.

I’m feeling a bit left out here, kiddo, so I’ll say it again: get kickin’!