Dadurday #4: A Day Late (Sonday?)

By on August 28, 2016

While this won’t happen often, I’m unfortunately cheating a bit and coming to you a day late this week — yesterday I had my slo-pitch playoffs, which consisted of four games and us losing in the championship (for the second year in a row, to the same team). I was hoping to show off, and have your Mom come to the game and catch me hitting a homer for the video, but getting her to come to a game isn’t easy. Unlike the two of us, your Mom is not much of a baseball fan.

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Josh and Rocky

In her defence though, even if your Mom was interested in coming, it was really hot out and probably not the ideal environment for a pregnant woman to be in. (Wasn’t ideal for a dummy who neglected to wear sunscreen either, as you can see.)

In any case, I was pretty exhausted by the end of the day, and after eating your Mom’s delicious lasagna roll-ups, basically went into a food coma on the couch while we watched Mr. Robot (and I didn’t want to do back-to-back videos of us watching TV).

Tomorrow we will be reaching 19 weeks — one week from the halfway mark! That’s mindblowing, particularly when considering how fast these first 20 weeks have gone by. There’s fairly substantial Mangogrowth this week (you’re now a mango!), and you’ve even begun developing the nerve cells for your five senses. I was trying to convince your Mom to go for Korean tonight, but perhaps it’s wise to ease your newly developing little taste buds into that.

With that in mind, your Mom and I are instead enjoying some delicious salads from Kara’s for this week’s video, which you could say is one of the first meals you’ve ever tasted (along with some Lime Chili chips your Mom ate on the way home).

I do regret that we didn’t get better material this weekend — between my slo pitch games, eating your Mom’s world famous lasagna roll-ups, and going to your Great Nana’s house along with Grammy and Grandpa, Aunt Danielle, Uncle Joel and Aunt Linda, there have been far better moments to capture. I am learning as I go though, and haven’t yet become accustomed to considering “Kodak moments” (you’ll probably have to Google that one) at all times.

I am working on it though!