Dadurday #1: Your First Concert

By on August 6, 2016

We’re back from the Sturgill Simpson concert, and it might have been a bit of a traumatic experience for you. The vocals were way too loud, to the point where it was difficult to even make out the lyrics, and despite doing plenty of research on concert-going while pregnant (consensus is, at least in 2016, that it’s okay on occasion), it still makes me feel a bit uneasy knowing this was one of your first listening experiences. This is about as intense as it will get for us/you though; we’re going to see Foy Vance in October (once in Toronto, and then again with my parents in Minnesota), Anderson East and Brent Cobb in November (one show), and possibly Charles Bradley if I can convince your Mom to go.

There’s a good chance I’ll be going to a few others, but I highly doubt your Mom — and therefore you — will be coming.

As for tonight’s show, I really was excited for it, partly because I love Sturgill and know how incredible he is live (we also saw him at the Horseshoe Tavern last year), but also because the timing of the tour just seemed meant to be. His newest album, A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, is a concept album addressed to his own newborn son and wife, with the songs being framed as letters a sailor sends home to them. It addresses a lot of lessons he wants to pass onto his own son (“guides to Earth”), and while we don’t know if you’re going to be a boy or girl at this point, much of it could have just as easily be written to his daughter.

In any case, the show wasn’t a total success, but I’m still glad we went, and I think your Mom was as well, if only because we got to go to our favourite Korean restaurant beforehand.

The picture for the week is to the left, and the video is below — the quality/lighting isn’t quite what I’d hoped, but we’ll get better as we go along (hoping to have it mastered by the time you make your first appearance in January). I’ll also soon be upgrading from the iPhone 5s to the 6, so that should help — I suspect that by the time you read this, iPhone’s will either have become totally obsolete, or they’ll at least have stopped using numbers (the iPhone 37 doesn’t sound very cool).

One change you’ll see with future Saturday/Dadurday posts is that we thought it might be a good idea to use the photos to chronicle the growth of your Mom’s belly (i.e., the growth of you), so we’ll probably continue to do random things for the videos — enjoying our freedom while we can! — but begin using a very similar format from week to week with the pictures, likely taken somewhere at home.