Dadurday #9: Baby Budgeting

By on October 1, 2016

We’re about to hit Week 24, and you’ve really begun to make your presence felt — that request I made to give your Mom a few kicks? Mission acimg_1349complished there, slugger. You’re endlessly bouncing around these days, and while your Mom generally enjoys it (and I love it), there are times when she’d appreciate you taking it down a notch or two. Apparently, it can get difficult to relax when you’ve got a cantaloupe-sized munchkin pushing on your insides.

The video for this week is a slightly choreographed (but single take) version of me shaving my head, or as the title indicates, baby budgeting. Your Mom and I are trying to cut out some unnecessary expenditures, and there’s no better place to start than my haircuts. I’m going to sound like such an old man by the time you read this, but when I started going to this local place a haircut cost me $16. I was willing to pay that price every few weeks, even though they didn’t do a particularly good job, but they’ve since raised their prices to around $30.

And I have a beard trimmer.

The picture is, as always, self-explanatory, but this is the point where you should start seeing significant progress from week-to-week. You may not be able to tell so much this week (there were likely a couple of “food babies” in the mix up to this point), but in person, there’s a pretty significant difference.