Dadurday #7: The Kick

By on September 17, 2016

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling a bit left out.img_1277

For a while now, your Mom’s been talking about all the movements going on in her tummy, but I could never get my hand on there in time to feel the apparent kicks. According to what I’d read — and I did reference this in an earlier post — the kicks were supposed to start between Weeks 17 and 22, and we’ve been getting mighty close to that Week 22 mark (this Monday, when you become a coconut). I was really starting to wonder what your deal was (since Morrisons are never latfamily-texte), and why it was you were ignoring me.

Fortunately, that all changed last night, when we were sitting on the couch, and your Mom grabbed my hand with a big smile on her face, placed it on her belly, and told me to keep it there. I gave her a nod, mostly just expecting it to be another false alarm, and continued to read the text thread we’ve got going amongst the Morrisons (to the left, you can see Uncle Scottie trying to convince Aunt Kailin that the bear she saw on her hike is really friendly, and she should consider joining it for dinner).

“Did you feel that!?” she asked, excitedly.

I did not.

Less than impressed, your Mom instructed me to turn off my phone, relax, and focus on this incredible moment, which I would never again get to experience for the first time. I did as I was told, and it seems your Mom wasn’t the only one getting a bit irritated, because a flurry of kicks almost immediately followed.

You really are in there.

The feeling is a bit hard to explain, as I was obviously already aware of your presence — we’ve seen you through the ultrasounds, heard your heartbeat, and it’s pretty clear that something’s growing inside your Mom’s belly, but there is something different about having our first physical interaction. I’ve discussed how you started off as more of a concept or idea, and this is a time where you begin to transition from that idea into something more (and, from what we’re hearing from your Moms friend Alex, who just had her baby Henry a couple days ago, something far stinkier). It’s a pretty profound experience, and I’m thankful your Mom had me put down the phone and really appreciate the moment.

In this week’s video, it would seem only appropriate to have me serving some food,dadurday-7-22-weeks since I continue to spend all my free time cooking. Here, I’ve made a Walleye Livornese, which I’m not too humble to say was phenomenal — your Mom even had seconds! Sadly, I later discovered the walleye is a predator fish, and far too high in mercury to be part of a pregnant woman’s diet, so it will not be making another appearance on the menu during the pregnancy (perhaps I’ll make a Cod or Tilapia Livornese instead).

The picture is, as always, pretty self-explanatory. Your Mom is at the 22-week mark — 18 to go, and days away from the final ultrasound!