Dadurday #6: We’re Cookin’!

By on September 10, 2016

While we still have a little over four months until your arrival — and take your time, we need every last second remaining to get prepared — I’ve begun to wonder about what kind of person you’ll be. I’d certainly say that your Mom and I have complimentary personalities, but we’re very different people, and it’s amusing/terrifying to think of which qualities you’ll possess.

Will you be patient and reserved like me, or impatient and outgoing like your Mom?

Will you be blessed with your Mom’s gift for organization, or doomed with my tendency to live like a frat boy(See our sock drawers to the right.)

Will you have a knack for numbers like I do, or for songs and lyrics like your Mom does?

And, of course, the most important question of all: will you get your Mom’s smarts, or my beauty? 

As I’m sure is the case with most parents, I hope you get the best from each of us.

One quality I hope you don’t pick up from me is my tendency to be all-or-nothing in the things I do. While there’s certainly a positive side to it, and I believe in the old cliché that “anything worth doing is worth doing well,” there is a difference between doing something well, and doing it obsessively, where it takes up virtually all of your time and you won’t settle for anything less than exactly what you have pictured in your head.

Sometimes it works out, and you can appreciate all the effort that went into it (the Robot Revolution video, which kind of got me into making videos, is an example), but even in those cases, there’s an inevitable point where you find yourself totally burnt out. Off the top of my head, I can think of a handful of things that I once loved doing that I now get exhausted just thinking about; going to the gym is an unfortunate one, which I really need to get back into if I’m going to survive carrying you around for the next few years.

When it doesn’t work out, however, it can lead to pretty epic failures. The best/worst example I can think of is a Christmas shortly after we returned from our year in South Korea. Your Mom used to collect snow globes from the places she’d visited, but we could never find one in Korea, so I decided that I would make her one instead. Of course, I’d never made snow globes or figurines before, but after watching a number of videos and reading countless how-to’s, I felt I could pull it off. And I almost did. Unfortunately, during the final step, where you attach the base — which has all the objects glued to it — to the water-filled globe, I managed to get some glue in the water.

To fully understand the context, I should note that this all happened at BB and Papa’s house in Minnesota at about 5 or 6 in the morning. I’d pulled an all-nighter to get the globe finished, and I was scheduled to start driving to Kitchener a few hours later to visit your Mom. I was stressed, and — as you likely know if you’ve experienced all nighters of your own — thinking like a crazy person. I have no doubt that if I’d had another day, I would have completely restarted the whole thing, and pulled a second consecutive all-nighter like a madman. That of course wasn’t an option, so instead of giving your Mom a slightly imperfect snow globe for Christmas, I ultimately ended up leaving it behind and arriving in Kitchener empty-handed.

Needless to say, your Mom didn’t feel so great that Christmas, and I still feel awful whenever I think about it.

As for the snow globe, it sits in the closet of my old bedroom in Minnesota to this day, gathering dust.

In the most roundabout way possible, I bring this up because I’ve recently gotten back into an old hobby in a big way: cooking. Obsessively. I’ve spent virtually every free moment in the kitchen over the past week, making everything from Beet & Berry Yoats (your Mom loved) to Roasted Garlic Tomato Soup (your Mimg_1209om didn’t love). I love cooking, and there was even a time in university when I considered going to culinary school, but at some point over the last few years I started to feel uninspired, and it always felt like a chore to cook. I could give you a laundry list of reasons why that might have been, but the reality is I’m not really sure why.

What I can tell you is why I got back into it. I know this might be hard for you to believe, but I’ve been reading a little bit on what pregnant women should and shouldn’t be eating, and driving your Mom a little crazy by analyzing (and, I admit, sometimes critiquing) her meals. It’s an awful thing to do, and I’m making a concerted effort not to be the equivalent of the backseat driver (arguably the worst human beings on the planet). Your Mom does all the heavy lifting here, and it’s totally unfair for me to expect her to completely avoid certain comfort foods that make her happy. My one and only job is to support her for the nine months this hormonal little monster (i.e., you) takes over her body, and try to make life as easy on her as I can.

And that’s what got me back into the kitchen — it’s both a way to make life easier on your Mom, and a way to incorporate some of those important foods into her diet without having to eat the same boring meals every night (it also allows us to use up all the food from our CSA, which can be quite the challenge at times). As a bonus, I was quickly reminded of how much I love to cook, and it now takes up the majority of my free time.

Will I stick with it this time? While I might have it turn it down a notch or two, I think I might. I do have quite the incentive thdadurday-6-21-weeksis time around.

In this week’s video, I’m serving your Mom the Beet & Berry Yoats, which were quite the hit (and have gotten me to transition your Mom from instant to rolled oats — win, win!). While I realize it appears staged, the fact that your Mom is searching for baby stuff online, and The Birth Partner sits on the table just beyond the computer, was totally unplanned, and simply indicative of the fact that you’ve completely taken over our lives.

Not that we’d have it any other way.

The picture is once again pretty self explanatory, with your Mom reaching 21 weeks on Monday. Nineteen more weeks of freedom!