Dadurday #5: Labour Day Weekend with the Morrisons

By on September 5, 2016

With the Morrisons in town, and baby shopping now out of the way, your Mom and I went out to Niagara-on-the-Lake with both sets of grandparents-to-be for the remainder of the weekend. We went on a couple winery tours and to a Bahamas concert, and the men went golfing on Sunday morning. Of course, your Mom had to sit out the wine tasting part, but since she’s not much of a wine drinker anyways, it wasn’t a very big sacrifice (particularly since none of the tastings involved cheese).

This is the second time we’ve seen Bahamas live — we saw him at the Starlight in Waterloo a few years ago when Barchords was released — and he’s been incredible both times. The plan was to capture the Dadurday video at the show (see below), as it was on the Saturday, but Jason Collett‘s opening set was fairly long, and by the time Bahamas took the stage it got quite dark. (Your Mom also might not have turned the phone sideways when taking the video, and while it works great that way for Instagram, it doesn’t quite fit with the widescreen format of the others for the compilation).

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It ended up being for the best anyways, as we had even more family getting together Monday night for some Magic Pizza before Papa and BB left the next morning. It did mean that I’d have to once again break the rules and shoot the video a couple days late, but I’m learning to be flexible with this project, and let’s be honest: it’s not like you’re going to notice at this stage. The most important thing is that I’m capturing quality — and hopefully varied — moments.

We had Grandpa, Grammy, Papa, BB, Aunt Danielle, Aunt Linda, and Nana all come over, and it was certainly worth waiting for a rare evening when we could get so much family in one place. Unfortunately, getting a bit too caught up with trying to be covert — nobody knows about this whole Dadurday business yet — I neglected to realize Nana was in the corner of the room with the grandfathers rather than with all the ladies at the computer (who were looking up Patagonia baby outfits, since Aunt Linda and Uncle James can get them at wholesale through their store), and so she doesn’t make an appearance in this video. She lives very close to us though, and we see her quite often, so I’ll make sure to get her in one soon.

As for your Mom, the belly is beginning to grow, as you do the same — she jokes that with the arrival of my parents, her body just seemed to know it was time to start showing, though some of it might have also been from the exorbitant amounts of food we’ve consumed since Papa and BB arrived. The desserts you see to the left were from Friday night’s dinner, when we ate at the Cambridge Mill (where we got married just seven months ago!) — you’re looking at a Honey Comb Crème Brulée with Blackberries and Lavender, a Dark Chocolate Pâté with Banana Ice Cream, and a Summertime S’more with House-made Marshmallow. All amazing, and just a small sample of our indulgences over the weekend (which I’m sure you’ve also enjoyed — don’t get used to it).