Dadurday #21: Merry Christmas!

By on December 25, 2016

I’ve unfortunately fallen a little behind with the blog (formatting issues after some updates — most of the content is written, but it’ll take some time to get it all up), but I wanted to make sure I got my Christmas post up on time, because… it’s Christmas. And a time I often think about when I think about our family, as I suspect is the case for most fathers-to-be.

There are so many things to get excited about, and I can easily spend an entire evening getting lost in thinking about our future Christmases together.

Where will you spend your first Christmas?

Which old traditions will we adopt?

What new traditions will we begin?

How will we divide our time with each side of the family?

Is this the year Santa cuts me off?

The only thing I can be sure of is that next Christmas will be unlike any one we’ve had before. I love my family, and I love your Mom’s family (who, of course, are also now my family), but I’m also ready for our family. And when I think about our family, these are often the kinds of things I think about. Our parents always made sure Christmas was a special time, and it’s important to me and your Mom that we make it just as special for you (though, sadly, a backyard rink isn’t likely in the cards… unless we can convince your Mom to move back to Regina).

As I write this, I’m sitting in our condo in Revelstoke. It’s a pretty incredible place — not nearly as fancy as some of our previous stays, but the mountain itself is among the best we’ve been to, and the first gondola (there are two, it’s enormous) is steps away from our door. It’s pretty incredible, and I’m certainly happy your Mom convinced me to make the trip, but I can’t help but think about how much better it’ll be next Christmas when I have the two of you with me.

We wanted to get a little creative with this week’s picture since your Mom and I are apart, and the plan was to get a couple family photos (i.e., Morrisons in Revelstoke, McCormacks in Kitchener), and Photoshop them together, but we unfortunately weren’t able to make it happen while everyone was together, and didn’t want to exclude certain family members (e.g., Uncle Adam and Aunt Nicky headed back early, because Aunt Nicky has to work over the holidays). Instead, we’ve decided to just wait until I get home and take one together.

UPDATEYou may notice I look a little rough in this picture — that’s because I’m exhausted (something I should probably get used to!). It took me roughly 24 hours to get home from Revelstoke, and I had to work eight hours immediately upon walking through the door. The number of coffees I drank in that 30-hour period is absolutely disgusting.

On Boxing Day you hit the 36-week mark, your week as a papaya, where you’re essentially ready to go, and we’re advised to begin making final preparations for your arrival (!!!). We can’t wait, though for your sake, hope you can until at least New Years (see: relative-age effect, which I first read about in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers).

As for the video (one of my favourites so far), it was taken after Christmas dinner. We’d just opened our Christmas crackers, which included the various items stuck to our heads (e.g., my antlers), along with the name of a movie or song for charades. As it turns out, the Morrison men aren’t the best at charades — I think all but one were guessed by the Morrison women.