Dadurday #20: Calm Before the Storm

By on December 17, 2016

I should probably preface this by mentioning that by “storm,” I only mean that things are about to get very hectic, not that there are unwelcome events on the horizon. For whatever reason, things are just surprisingly calm right now. We’re enjoying it while it lasts, but not allowing ourselves to get too comfortable — we’ve got the holidays upon us, the LTO list has just opened up, the Morrisons are about to take down Revelstoke, and the McCormacks are about to take down a whole lot of hot cocoas and peppermint teas, watch some old Christmas classics, and read a few good books (not making fun, I’ll probably be doing a whole lot of the latter while the wilder Morrisons are doing the former); and, of course, there’s this little munchkin coming for a long stay at the Morrison Hotel come January.

Since it’s a fairly slow and uneventful week, I’ve decided to hold off on the video until I get to Revelstoke, so I’ll be cheating by a few days — the idea is that this way, I can get a video from the mountain for this week (ideally with an aunt and/or uncle or two, but not sure how much time I’ll be spending with them since I haven’t snowboarded in about a decade), and one from Christmas Day next week.

UPDATE: Unfortunately flying solo for the video, so I was limited in what I could capture, as I don’t have the skills to fly down a hill with a camera — which also happens to be my cell phone — in hand. I would need Uncle Ben and his GoPro for that.

The photo shows your Mom at 35 weeks, where you’ve become the size of a pineapple (ironically your Mom’s one and only allergy). Your hearing is fully developed at this point, so hopefully you like holiday music — the Christmas tunes have been getting a lot of play lately, particularly after I picked up a bunch of Christmas records (Nat King Cole, The Ronettes, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, Kacey Musgraves and Michael Buble). Apparently you respond better to higher pitched voices and sounds at this stage, so a few of these albums are probably less than ideal choices (can’t imagine you’re a big fan of Merle yet); however, seeing as your old man doesn’t exactly have the highest pitched voice, I figure we might as well get you accustomed to some deeper voices. I will sneak a little Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow in the rotation though — gotta keep baby happy!