Dadurday #2: Back in T.O.

By on August 13, 2016

It’s week two of Dadurday, and we’re once again coming to you from Toronto. Spending back-to-back weekends in T.O. wasn’t so out of the ordinary back when your grandpa had the condo downtown, but since he retired last August, and we have nowhere to stay (at least for free), this is very unusual.Cold Brew

Your Mom had plans with one of her friends, Cristina, and since she isn’t the most avid driver (something I’m sure you’re well aware of by the time you read this), I agreed to drive her in. While sometimes reluctant, I’ll pretty much agree to anything your Mom asks of me while you’re in her belly. And she knows it.

I’ve therefore got some time to kill, so I’m currently sitting at a place called Hale Coffee and enjoying a delicious cold brew while I work on this week’s post, and hopefully get starte17 Weeksd on the video for our pregnancy announcement. Cold brews are the new trendy thing in 2016, and they’re ridiculously expensive (about $5 each), but so delicious. Your Mom’s already agreed to buy me dinner at Ka-Chi tonight (our aforementioned favourite Korean spot), but I figure the least she can do is treat me to a cold brew or two while I wait.

The video for this week was taken at Ka-Chi (I hope it’s still open when you’re reading this!), and the picture is taken from home. As discussed in last week’s post, I’m going to try to keep the format as similar as possible from week to week with the pictures, just because I think the timelapse video will look best if everything other than your Mom’s growing belly remains the same (or as close to it as I can get).