Dadurday #15: Never Showering Again

By on November 12, 2016

The baby showers are now over (forever, from what I understand — apparently people only make this big a deal about the first child), and to say we’ve been fortunate would be putting it lightly. Aside from the high-chair — which I’m as thrilled with as your crib, as it also grows with you and can be used for years — we’ve pretty much got all the larger items (and clothes) ready to go.

After this week, we’ll be three-quarters of the way through the pregnancy, and it’s overwhelming to think that in just ten weeks we’ll be welcoming you into the world. There isn’t really anything new happening this week, but apparently there’s some important brain development going on at this point, and you now have the strength to grasp onto a finger (probably wise to keep your hands to yourself until you get out here).

The week’s picture is once again pretty self-explanatory (I know, I need to get it together), and for this week’s video, we have Archie partaking in his favourite morning ritual. Most mornings, he’ll wait on the couch for your Mom or me to raise the blinds, and stare outside intensely for a good hour. I like to think he’s waiting for you to arrive, but it might also have something to do with all the squirrels and birds out there.