Dadurday #13: Hangin’ with Papa & BB

By on October 29, 2016

While I’m very happy that Papa and BB will soon be closer to us, it’s unfortunate that you’ll never get a chance to visit them in Minnesota. They have quite the home, and though I have no doubt you’ll be spoiled in other ways, we’ve gotten to experience some pretty amazing things: golfing at Hazeltine (host of this year’s Ryder Cup), sitting in floor seats at Timberwolves games, box seats at Wild and Vikings games, lower rows at Twins games, tickets to numerous shows at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre (though Stratford ain’t so bad either)… it’s crazy. I’ll never be in the position that Papa is professionally, but hopefully one day we’re able to sit in floor seats together at an NBA game. It’s a bucket list type experience.

Your Mom wasn’t able to go quite as “full-on” as usual, but aside from a little less shopping (though she did still spend an entire afternoon at Target), it was business as usual. We went to a Minnesota Wild game, saw Camelot at the Dinner Theatre, and went to a Foy Vance show at the Cedar Cultural Centre (my second time seeing him this week — the videos below are from the Toronto show, as I didn’t have my phone at the Minneapolis one). We also, of course, got to relax and sleep in every morning, which your Mom credits for being the reason her tummy made some substantial growth over the course of the week.

This week’s video was taken at the Wild game, and you’ll notice we waited until we returned to take the picture; honestly, it was a combination of being busy with Papa and BB, and not wanting to take the picture while the tummy might be more “food baby” than “baby baby” (we always eat like royalty when BB’s around).