Dadurday #12: Headed to Minny!

By on October 22, 2016

As we approach your week as a head of lettuce (Week 27), and the beginning of the third trimester, your Mom’s immune system continues to struggle to keep up with her body’s new demands. It’s consweek-27equently been a very low-key week, as we’ve tried to relax as much as possible in preparation for our visit to Minnesota to see Papa and BB.

I’ve slowly been reading this book called The Birth Partner — a recommendation from Anne (our midwife), and something I think I’ve mentioned before — which largely focuses on how to best be there for your Mom throughout the pregnancy. I stopped reading it for a while, as much of what was left focused on the final few weeks, but I’ve recently picked it up again as we’re suddenly not that far away (lots of lists of what to do, bring, say, etc., so I want it to be fresh!). One thing the author, Penny Simkin, has gone back to numerous times is that while the pregnancy can be taxing on both parties to some degree, it would be a bit ridiculous for the “birth partner” to be complaining about his (or her) experiences; Simkin primarily focuses on this being unacceptable during labour (i.e., complaining about a sore back while the woman is giving birth is apparently a big no-no), but I think it would be pretty foolish for me to be complaining at any point. And I wouldn’t dare. All I will say is that there’s a certain sense of helplessness in watching your Mom go through this pregnancy, very uncomfortably at times, and being unable to do very much to help her.

The truth is all I can really do is try to make sure your Mom is relaxed and getting her rest, and eating good meals that help boost her immune system (and yours). I’ve kept up with the cooking, and while there is the occasional failure (e.g., a Turmeric Lassi that made your Mom gag, or a Chocolate Mousse that apparently tasted like “old banana peels”), the majority have been big successes (e.g., Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai, Beet & Black Lentil Borscht and Sweet Potato Brownies). As happy as your Mom is about the food, I suspect she’s even more thrilled that by cooking so much, I’m forced to constantly do the dishes. Our kitchen’s never been tidier, and seeing as it’s been a main point of frustration for as long as we’ve lived together (i.e., the fact that I tend to put off doing dishes until the sink, counter and stove are no longer visible), it’s certainly made our lives a little easier, even if it means having to eat the occasional rotten banana peel mousse.

This week’s video was taken on the plane shortly before we took off for Minneapolis (your first flight!), and the picture was taken after we arrived. Of course, that means the background’s changed a bit, as it was taken in Papa and BB’s home instead of our own (included a couple bonus shots to the right). We’ll likely take next week’s pic once we get back to Waterloo, but I thought it would be fun to include something from your grandparents’ home, since they plan to move sometime next year and it’s consequently unlikely you’ll ever see it (and certain you won’t remember it).