Dadurday #11: Hope You Like Garlic!

By on October 15, 2016

img_1442I’m not sure what kind of kale the creators of The Bump are eating (heavier than cauliflower or cantaloupe?), but that’s apparently what you become on the 26th week. A bit lame, but on a more exciting note, your eyes are forming and will soon begin to open — hopefully that doesn’t mean you can actually see much, because waking up inside a womb sounds quite terrifying.

Beyond that, there’s once again very little to report — we’re sort of at that “calm before the storm” point, as the third trimester hasn’t quite begun, appointments don’t ramp up for another month or so, and it’s too early to begin taking prenatal classes (late November). Your Mom has come down with a bit of a cold and sore throat, so of course that leaves us (/me) constantly Googling things, making sure that everything going on is perfectly normal (it is), and trying to find recipes to help combat whatever it is she has. As it turns out, your Mom’s immune system is just a little compromised these days, and along with fathers-to-be becoming borderline hypochondriacs, colds and flus are a fairly common side effect.

Fortunately, among the “immunity-boosting superstars” is garlic, an ingredient in virtually every meal we make. While it won’t help much with this pregnancy, we should be prepared for baby number two with the amount Nana and I put in this weekend. We planted at least twice what we did a couple years ago, and that lasted us a year, so I imagine we’ll be good for quite a while (particularly since we also get some from our CSA).

Since your Mom wasn’t able to help out with the planting (pregnant women are supposed to minimize their exposure to soil), she was able to take a good number of videos. I went with this one because it provides a peek of my favourite part of the house: the backyard. I’m not sure how long we’ll be living here, but if it’s any period of time (i.e., long enough that you have memories of the house), I suspect there will be some differences from what you remember.

You’ll also notice we have a special guest in this week’s picture — appears we aren’t the only ones who’ve already grown a bit attached.