Dadurday #10: Buds Already

By on October 8, 2016

Approaching your week as a cauliflower, there are very few updates to report. You’re still kicking like a maniac, all is generally well with the pregnancy check-ups (the placenta is a bit lower than it should be, but ourimg_1373 midwife isn’t concerned — and a quick Google search indicates it rarely becomes an issue — so neither are we), and our days continue to be consumed by thoughts of you. Even in the rare moment when we’re not thinking about you directly, you’re in some way related to our thoughts — I’m trying to calculate whether your Mom got all the nutrients she needs for the week, your Mom is working on future family Christmas cards online, or I’m slowing it down on the highway… because I’m a Dad now and we have some precious cargo.

Also, baseball playoffs. The Cubs and Jays are both still in it (likely to soon be in the NLCS and ALCS, respectively — if I’ve done my job as a father, you’ll know what those are), and there’s a very real chance they face off in the World Series. Basically my dream come true. I’m a Cubs fan first, but I wouldn’t be too upset if the Jays won it this year — by the time you read this, the Cubs could be what the New York Yankees were to baseball while I was growing up. They’re going to be very good for a very long time. The Jays, however, are the oldest team in baseball, and it could very well be now or never for them, as I have very little faith the GM will do what needs to be done to continue competing (they certainly have the money though, so you never know).

While it seems only appropriate to do this week’s video during a Cubs game, the truth is this was in no way planned. During one of the commercial breaks, Archie just happened to cuddle up to you, and I was fortunate enough to have my phone within reach. As a bonus, it also pretty clearly emphasizes just how round your Mom’s belly is getting.

There’s certainly no hiding it anymore.